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What this site isn't

This site is not a place to debate the merits or harms of pornography. There are dozens of message boards, blogs, and online communities where you can do that to your heart's delight. Go find one.

This site is not a place to try to convince you that porn is bad. There are places for that too, and we'd be happy to refer you to them if you'd like to do some more research before you pledge (our email is info%at%nopornpledge%dot%com).

This site is not a place to convert you to Jesus, or to make you promise to remain a virgin until marriage. You might be religious, but we aren't, and we'll respect your religious beliefs if you respect our lack thereof.

This site is not a place for name-calling, rants, or hate speech. We've heard all the insults, and if you use them here, they will just be deleted. The database is monitored daily for fake entries.

My mind is made up!

I'm ready to pledge.


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